Wedding Dress Affiliate Programs: For Better or Worse?

The wedding dress is not a prerequisite to a wedding, but tradition and culture typically dictate the bride to wear a specific garment to the ceremony. In Western countries, that usually means a white wedding dress, while many Eastern nations require brides to wear traditional costumes. Brides and mothers of the bride tend to pull out all the stops when it comes to wedding dresses, as nothing is too good for the bride on her special day.

That explains why brides spend thousands of dollars on their dresses, and why there is such big drama over picking one. Think of the hit TV series 'Say Yes To The Dress'.

Traditionally, brides go to a bridal store to pick a design and get fitted. These days, more and more brides go online to get their wedding dress, mostly for the convenience, but also for the great prices.

Niche Definition

Spend time on market research

Defining the niche does not only mean knowing what you are selling. It goes way beyond that. To become successful at t..

Credit Card Affiliate Programs: Hefty Profit or Major Loss?

The rise of online stores, mobile phones, and computer savvy shoppers has led to people becoming more comfortable making online purchases.

The move away from traditional retail stores to ecommerce has also seen an increase in demand for credit and debit cards.

These cards that were once the preserve of the rich and famous are now essential to everyone who wants to do online shopping.

While this might seem like the perfect opportunity to promote credit card affiliate programs, we still need to see if increased consumer demand equates to a profitable niche for affiliate marketers.

Before anything else, it is important to conduct market research. In this Niche of the Week, we will look at the following factors:

Definition: What is it about?
Popularity: Is there really a demand?
Competitiveness: How to rank for keywords with high competition?
Affiliate Products: What are they? Is the payout good?
Marketing: How to promote this niche?
All the above are important questions that ne..

Amazon FBA: How To Sell On Amazon As A Complete Newbie (Using This 4-Step System)

If someone came up to you and said:

“Hey, want me to run your business? I’ve got millions of customers, and they’re all yours for free. Whaddya say?”

What would you reply?

I’d laugh right in their face.

“No way. Not buying it this time, dude.” Do you really think I was born yesterday?

In what world does someone offer you a million customers and ask to run your business… FOR FREE?

If your answer to this is ‘no world at all’, I’m about to introduce you to a whole new one.

Do you know there’s somewhere normal people like you and me are cashing out big pay-outs every week, letting someone else handle all the “heavy lifting” that comes with running a business?

And no, this is NOT going to be about:

Creating Digital Products
Affiliate Marketing
Online Coaching
Neither does it cover things like SEO or Facebook ads, sales pages or having an email list.

Boy, do I love this place. And so do 2+ million other people.

Can you guess what it is?

Funnily enough, it’s not..

$20K Per Day ECom Secrets

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How To Start A Blog: 4 Easy Steps

Learning how to start a blog is 10x easier than it was in 2006 – when Affilorama was created. If you’re not savvy with website creation – and hate HTML – you’re going to love this post. Check out our four steps on how to start a blog.

Why you should start a blog

Before we jump into the meat of this post, it’s important you ask yourself:

“What is the goal of my blog?”

If you start a blog without a clear idea on what it’s going to be about, you’ll soon find yourself experiencing symptoms of what I like to call: writer’s block.

This is when you’re sucked dry out of ideas to write and hit a mental wall. I can admit, everyone gets it once in a while. But having it too often can make you bored to death by your own blog. And eventually you’ll abandon it.

To avoid that being the case, here’s a couple reasons to start a blog:

To just write. We all have something we’re passionate about. A blog is a great way to express your ideas and opinions on a certain subject, with people who also s..

Ultimate Glossary of Cryptocurrency Terms and Acronyms (and How to Use Them)

Introduction Each industry develops its own terminology over time, creating certain terms and a specific language which aren’t always self-explanatory. This can be a major challenge for a newcomer to a market or industry, especially when they come across terms and acronyms that don’t make any sense. Guess what? The cryptocurrency sector is no exception…. View Article

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Reasons for Online Shopping Cart Abandonment in 2018

Introduction Most of us have – at one time or another – put items in an online shopping cart but not actually gone through with purchasing them. There is an array of reasons as to why this might happen, from having second thoughts about whether we want the item, to being put off by the… View Article

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How Your ASO Strategy Can Work Alongside SEO

Introduction App Store Optimization (ASO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might sound like two sides of the same coin, but don’t be fooled. While they share some similarities, the two are very different and work to attract an entirely different set of users. Put simply, SEO is for optimizing web pages to drive in new users, while ASO… View Article

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John Carvalho Interview @ TES 2018

The European Summit 2018 Interview Series: John Carvalho The European Summit was the coolest event around! And guess what? We even managed to meet John Carvalho, a crypto expert who gave us some awesome info! He’s the CEO of XO Media and he knows the business like nobody else! Ready to check this interview and… View Article

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eCommerce and Affiliate Marketing: The Dream Team

Introduction This world is completely different from what it was only a few years ago. In fact, you can now read an ebook written in Italy using an iPhone built in China with materials coming straight outta Namibia while drinking Colombian coffee you bought with the money you made with your Indian clients. The world… View Article

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