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6 Figures in 6 Months

“INTRODUCING: An Advertising and marketing and
Sales System For Online Company Success”
” Over 24 Weeks Learn How To Setup Sales Funnels, Touchdown Pages, Advertisements That Drive Non-Stop Web Traffic and also Advanced Conversion, Sales as well as Advertising And Marketing Approaches And Monitor My Shoulder Obtain Real-time Outcomes On Auto-Pilot”


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My name is David Vallieres. I began my initial company at age 14. A couple of years later on I started a production (playthings) as well as a publishing company (a classified newspaper for automobiles called “CARS”). I then most likely to work in the public market for the next 15 years.

Why? I’ve always been an individual of service. I enjoy aiding others and also I intended to help them in a concrete method

Anyway …

Before starting my current Net service I was the Supervisor of Economic Growth and also Replacement Commissioner of Urban and Economic Growth for a city in upstate New York.

I was accountable for numerous dollars in funds that were assigned by the Federal government in order to help our community. I did that by collaborating on financial investments in regional companies that had the possibility to hire more individuals. I learned a whole lot about service from that experience – I got to see the “insides” of several organizations, large and also tiny, that couple of individuals get to see.

While I understood it had not been most likely to be simple, I felt I could once again run my very own organization – online this time around. A great deal of exactly what I saw in some very successful organizations were ordinary people complying with an easy system that made money. It offered me the need to get back right into business once more.

So I left civil service to start my very own Net company.

Yes, I left my “protected” federal government job with wonderful advantages and also I began full-time at marketing info items online – releasing digital products this moment. For tax obligation purposes, I created my LLC, “InfoProductLab” a few years later on.

I do not have plenty of employees. As a matter of fact, my way of living selection is to maintain “above” (staff members, workplace expenses, etc) to a minimum in order to optimize my revenues. I have one part-time worker, often 2. I outsource the rest … which’s it.

It’s a really basic and streamlined business that runs about 80% on auto-pilot. The various other 20% is simply thinking of brand-new marketing campaign and searching for more web traffic resources which, to me is the fun part. Since as soon as you have the “System” down, it practically operates on its very own.

Which is exactly just what you’re going to discover how to do.

I take advantage of innovation, which as you’ll see is the one factor that can move hills online.

Ok, let’s discuss you and also how I can perhaps impact your life in a positive method.

In spite of every one of the choices we encounter every day there are just a few things that are constants – things that never ever alter.

I understand plenty of individuals actually make complex Internet marketing to the point of being ridiculous. They seem really wise people. And I can tell you they do it since either:

A. They have no idea actually exactly what they are doing and also they simply toss whatever at you simultaneously wishing you won’t notice just how useless their story, ‘tricks’ and details truly is …

– or –

B. They wish to intentionally perplex you a lot more to make sure that you get more ‘secrets’ from them in the future that will ultimately “expose” the real key of generating income online. Making them abundant and also you poorer not just in terms of cash but also in terms of expertise. They want to keep the ‘keys’ to themselves so you maintain getting even more scrap from them.

You have actually listened to the stating, “Give a male a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a male to fish, feed him for a lifetime”?

Most Internet online marketers simply give you the fish so you can come back tomorrow to obtain more fish – from them, naturally!

Well, I’m going to educate you how you can fish. Then you can do it by yourself and also never ever have to acquire my or anybody else’s “system” or “program” ever before once again.

Look, anyone who wants to discover anything needs to learn the essentials before they could come to be masters.

Break it down. Reverse engineer it. Learn just what you have to do daily to satisfy your objectives. Remain on track. Stay focused as well as you’ll do it.

That’s exactly what 6-In-6 is all about: Focus and decision.
It teaches you the best ways to go from Point A (where you are currently) to Aim B (where you intend to be) by remaining focused on exactly what’s really vital in your online organization.
It has to do with obtaining you from Point A to Factor B in a straight line rather than zigging and also zagging all over the place which is probably exactly what you’re doing now. Leaping from one program to an additional in the hopes that the next one will give you the “straight up reality” however rather simply gives you another reason to maintain looking.

The problem is most programs follow the “give ’em a fish” approach … so you’ll come back tomorrow to acquire one more program.

I don’t. Actually, I wish after you have actually finished 6-In-6 you’ll never ever acquire one more “internet marketing” program once again. I’m not here to sell you a fish that lasts eventually. I’m below to show you HOW TO fish in the Internet ocean so you could make your personal living online so you never need to come back as well as get one more fish … you could capture as many as you want, anytime you desire!

As I pointed out here, the reason I called this 6-In-6 is that it took me 6 months in my 5th year of service to ultimately discover the secret of making 6-figures online: so 6-In-6 stuck.

Let’s discuss exactly how you can get on the 6-In-6 program and what it’s about.

6-In-6 is proprietary “evaluate my shoulders” daily video clip training program.
Each day, 5 days a week for 24 weeks you will participate in workouts and also see several screencast videos as we go thorough showing you whatever you should understand to run an effective straight advertising service online.

Below are simply a few comments from individuals who have acquired my programs (even more are provided at the end of this page):

” You are ingenious …”.

” You are ingenious for creating something like this! I’ve watched it and although I know quite a bit regarding duplicate writing, I have to confess I amassed some very good factors from it. Outstanding task!” -.

– James Jones, Author & Publisher.

” Your product has truly eliminated the complication …”.

” Hi, your item has actually eliminated the confusion I have actually had (that I really did not even know I had) until I saw your tutorials. I have begun to apply exactly what I’ve learned and also I am no less than delighted concerning the results I’m getting.” -.

– David Guindon, Editor/Programmer.

The goal I desire all my 6-in-6′ ers to establish is both possible and also particular that helps you achieve your goals.

What do we cover in the 24 weeks? The actual list of materials is much also lengthy to kind here so I put them in a video clip. Don’t hesitate to “stop” and “play” and “rewind” the video clip if you went to get a more detailed consider what I cover in the training course:.


# 1: You’ll see me produce touchdown pages, affiliate sites, sales funnels in real-time as you “look into my shoulder” – then you’ll do the very same exercising just what you’ve found out.

# 2: You’ll see my head out and also get website traffic to those touchdown web pages with my own cash.

# 3: You’ll see how we gauge the outcomes and the best ways to tell if the results ready or poor.

# 4: You’ll see how we examine various sorts of landing pages and LP components: Headings, body copy, format, offer and more …

# 5: You’ll discover new and exciting networks that can generate traffic for your site non-stop for pennies per visitor.

In each week you’ll get the in-depth discussion of things like:

  • Landing page design, elements, and psychology.
  • Landing page testing and measurement.
  • Landing page using heatmap overlays to determine interest and where people look and click.
  • Landing page traffic generation using specific networks.
  • Measuring results and which metric really matters most?
  • Buying traffic – the difference between networks, direct buys, ad resellers, etc.
  • The language of advertising online – CPC, CPA, CPM, – and what they mean.
  • Tracking your traffic, clicks, interest, desire, heatmaps, source, trends, and more …
  • Building a viable sales funnel and what the best and most under-utilized page on your website is …
  • How miss-pricing your products is the biggest reason you’re not making money online now.
  • What is RTB and why is it important?
  • How to use the latest ad technology such as retargeting and Facebook audience builder …
  • Where your biggest source of leads, at the lowest possible cost (even free) will come from …
  • The difference between email lists, retargeting lists, physical mailing lists, and buyers lists …
  • Why retargeting is the biggest opportunity in online advertising right now and why most are doing it wrong …
  • The numbers in depth. Breaking it down: How to reverse engineer your goals to get what you want …
  • My exact automated, recurring income model (shown in the video).
  • How to create your own products easily.
  • How to use PLR the RIGHT way.
  • New ad networks: Tested almost every week.
  • New markets: What to do if you want to sell in markets you know nothing about.
  • The reason most people fail online and what to do about it to finally succeed.

Each week I reveal extremely valuable information and includes downloads of the instructional videos, case studies, campaigns I have run, scripts, help videos, help files, and more!

You’ll get unlimited use of the information, strategies, methods, and secrets I reveal for the rest of your life to apply to your own businesses as part of the program.

What do you say? Are you ready to make a straight line from Point A to Point B?

Ok great!

Here’s how to get started: You can get started with as little as $9.95 on a trial basis for 30 days. If you like what you see then continue your training with just 6 additional payments of $97 each monthly. Oh, and did I mention you get free LIFETIME updates to the program?

Like I said, I will teach you how to fish … which means this is no walk in the park training program. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work. If you want to fish in the big ocean you’ll need to bring your game face and be prepared to play hard.

But, I’m not going to try and convince you to join. Either this is right for you or it’s not.

The decision is entirely yours.

But if you’ve been struggling to figure out how to make a living online, and you know that it’s frustrating and unlikely you’ll get to your income goals on your own without some solid training, and you have the means and desire to invest in your future then I warmly welcome you to join.

Because you’re ready to join I want your commitment to stay with the program until the very end. If you’re just curious and uncommitted then don’t waste your time or mine. But if you’re committed to making your living online, then I invite you to sign up.

You are committed to the process of learning, practicing and then DOING what I teach in 6-In-6 because it’s the only way to succeed and I need you to succeed.

My goal in offering this program is to create raving fans that will spread the word and tell others about it so they can also succeed.



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